Project Manager WP Plugin

Statement of Work for “Project Manager” WordPress Plugin

The ‘Project Manager’ plugin is built around:

  • Projects
  • Project Templates

This plugin is a project management and business planning plugin that allows users to create projects and related tasks to be completed. Users are able to ‘check-off’ completed Tasks and save each Project to return later to finish any uncompleted Tasks. The Project Manager plugin…

  • Allows users to [import/export/duplicate/move/save] projects, templates & data.
  • Allows the use of HTML within Projects (edit mode)
  • Will be listed under ‘Tools >> Project Manager’
  • Admin page fits to 100% screen resolution

View: Project Manager Admin Page Example – 2

View: Project Manager Admin Page Example – 1

Similar to what I’m looking for:

Tada Lists |

ToDo List WP Plugin | see on this sites admin ( under ‘Tools/ToDo List’

Practical use: When I setup a new website I go through and complete the same projects and tasks every time, tracking everything with my paper ‘project task lists’. I print out a new website packet and then manually write in all the new info, checking off each task as it’s completed. While this is effective, it doesn’t allow me to share the info with my business partner 900 miles away and it’s takes a lot of time as I have to re-write the same info over and over again.  For example, when I track my keywords and where they rank, I write out all the keywords on a page, use an online tool to determine the rank and then write that ranking on the sheet.  When I want to do the same project/tasks two weeks later, I have to print out a new form, then re-write each keyword, page, etc.

This plugin will allow me to setup project templates with related tasks, and have them available each time I setup a new website or whenever I need them. As I work on tasks within a project I can check off the completed tasks, save where I’m at, then come back at a later date to continue completing tasks until all are done. In the case of the keyword tracking, I could just start a new project with the project template I’ve created instead of printing and re-writing everything.  Plus, then my business partner and other co-workers can view the info and pick up on projects and complete tasks where I’ve left off.

Design: The description and admin page example above are how I envision the plugin to work / look, but if there are better ways to put it all together then I’m open to that.  My main goal is to have a plugin that allows me to setup templates that I can use as a guideline to complete the work I need to get done, be able to easily import, export, duplicate, move projects & tasks, and save work as I go so I know which tasks I’ve completed and which need to be completed. And the plugin needs to be flexible enough for anyone to be able to create projects & tasks to fit their specific needs.

Completion: The Project Manager plugin is complete when it’s working on the latest version of WordPress, Firefox & Internet Explorer, has been approved by staff and has been packaged for distribution to other users. Also, would like to contract for future support of this plugin.

Payment: Fixed or hourly payment acceptable. Time line and estimate of charges will be provided by the developer up front. Milestone, up front and bonus payments negotiable depending on type of payment agreed upon.

Skills required: php, wordpress

Experience required: Successful development of other wordpress plugins.

Communication required: Daily progress reports are required via email. Daily updates will include hours worked, tasks completed, next tasks to complete, issues encountered and questions you need answered. I will be available any time via skype or phone to answer questions or provide feedback.



Text to Image WP Plugin

Statement of Work for “Text to Image” WordPress Plugin

I’m looking to have a WP plugin developed that will replace text in a post or page with a specific image (.gif, .jpg). Similar to how the Censortive plugin works, only instead of replacing text with image text, I want to replace text with an image from a folder I specify.


My *dog* fetches sticks when I throw them.

Have you ever seen a *mouse* chase it’s tail?

  • When the text *dog* appears, replace it with /images/dog.gif
  • When the text *mouse* appears, replace it with /images/mouse.gif

My dog fetches sticks when I throw them.

Have you ever seen a mouse chase it’s tail?

When accessed in the WP dashboard, the TI plugin page will look something like this:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Donate to this plugin: Paypal Donate Button (right column)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The text to image plugin converts text you specify with an image you specify. Input your text below and browse to attach the image you want to replace it with when it appears in a post or page. When typing the word you want replaced in a post or page, be sure to include the beginning * and closing *.  If you type your word without the * *, it will appear on your post or page as you typed it.

When *dog* appears, replace with /images/dog.gif dog

When *mouse* appears, replace with /images/mouse.gif mouse

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